Intercultural Dialogue in Practice

Managing Value Judgment through Foreign Language Education

Book Description

The term intercultural dialogue has become a buzzword at policy level, but there is a pressing need to synchronise the terminology of policymakers with that of academics. An overarching aim of this book is to explore the wide-ranging terminology relevant to intercultural dialogue in order to promote clearer consideration of the underlying issues. More specifically, this book reports the findings of a research project conducted in Japan that brought teaching practice to bear upon some of the main conflicting theoretical perspectives on how value judgment should be managed in foreign language education. At the heart of this issue lies the management of prejudice, which is a key dynamic in intercultural dialogue that brings many other factors into play.

About Houghton, Stephanie Ann

Stephanie Houghton is an Associate Professor in Intercultural Communication in the Faculty of Culture and Education at Saga University in Japan. Her research activities focus on intergroup relations, self and identity in foreign language education and the development of intercultural communicative competence.