Barking Mad

Two Centuries of Great Dog Stories

Book Description

Barking Mad taps into the passion for dogs by bringing together a unique collection of extraordinary, touching, and sometimes bizarre but true stories that all reflect our enduring love for man's best friend. These stories include a Labrador that saved its master from drowning, a hound that spent years traveling unaccompanied across England by train, and a pooch that carried a penny to the local bakery every day to buy its own cakes.

  • Covers sporting dogs (and hounds), military mascots, eccentric companions, war heroes, and Royal dogs
  • Many of the stories date to the nineteenth century and were discovered in long-forgotten books and magazines
  • Perfect gift for every dog lover

  • About Quinn, Tom

    Tom Quinn is the author of many books, including The World’s Greatest Shooting Stories (978-1-84689-084-0), Heaven Upon Earth (978-1-904057-67-3), and The Perfect Cast (978-1-84689-042-0). He writes occasional obituaries for The Times and has edited a number of magazines including The Countryman.