From Puppy to Perfect

Book Description

This book answers all your questions about owning and training the family's first puppy. Many of the dog training manuals leave out the key questions that first-timers need to know. Because most people buy the puppy before the book--like never bothering to read the instructions until something goes wrong--the book starts with a survival guide for the first few weeks. It then gradually takes the reader through everything they need to know to train to a grown up dog--from puppy to perfect!

About Menzies, Janet

Janet Menzies is a professional author and journalist who works and competes spaniels. She is a dog correspondent for The Field and writes a monthly column on dog training. Her previous Quiller titles include the bestselling Training the Working Spaniel (978-1-84689-070-3) and Hero Dogs (978-1-84689-143-4).