The Labrador Theory

Book Description

  • Offers new perspective and guidance for women who wish to maintain their marriage or relationship

    Men in their middle years, like well-fed Labradors, are the very essence of calm and predictability. In contrast, women are complex. This is fact. Their bodies are complex, their minds work in unpredictable ways, even their clothing is complicated.

    This simplistic treatise is intended as a useful guide to women (or those assuming the role thereof) who, for one reason or another, wish to maintain a marriage or a relationship with someone of the male sex after the initial bloom has gone off the rose. This book is perfect for the man of the house, as he can suggest (but never recommend) that the wife might enjoy reading it.

  • About Hardwick, Cheever

    Cheever Hardwick was born in New York City and spent his youth in the U.S. He has lived in the UK for over forty years.