What's A Chap To Do?

Anguished Letters to the Shooting Gazette

Book Description

  • A collection of letters and wise words from "Uncle" Giles Catchpole to The Shooting Gazette on various aspects of shooting and related social situations in the field.

    No manual can hope to address every problem that might arise in the shooting field or, indeed, beyond it. Uncle Giles' wise words have been clarifying these matters for readers of The Shooting Gazette for years. A selection of these concerns--and their resolution--are now shared with a wider public.

  • About Catchpole, Giles

    Giles Catchpole writes the Uncle Giles column in the Shooting Gazette and shoots regularly with friends. His previous titles include Birds, Boots & Barrels (9781904057048) and Shooting Types: The Second Barrel (9781846891137).