The Ultimate Pig Miscellany

Book Description

  • Entertaining, informative, and packed with unusual facts
  • Illustrated in color throughout

    Pig, porker, hog, swine--however you refer to him, there is no doubt that the chubby quadruped with the curly tail and the big oink is regarded with enormous affection. The author explores the influence of the pig's characteristics and his quirky nature on our language, literature, and general outlook on life. Piggy appearances in the media, both ancient and modern, are celebrated with a wide array of quotations from such diverse sources as Horace, Shakespeare, Bunyan, and Kipling, not to mention Noel Coward, Beatrix Potter, and The Goon Show. Higgledy-Piggledy offers us a marvelous selection of sayings and proverbs concerning all things porcine. Entertaining, informative, packed with unusual facts, and meticulously researched, Richard Lutwyche's book at last does proper justice to the rich heritage of the pig. Higgledy-Piggledy will amuse and captivate all those who love these endearing and intelligent farmyard inhabitants.

  • About Lutwyche, Richard

    Richard Lutwyche was born and brought up on a mixed farm in Surrey. He is secretary of the Gloucestershire Old Spots and British Saddlebacks Breeders' Clubs, produces newsletters for some of the other pig breeds and lives in Gloucestershire surrounded by pigs in various forms.