Essential Care in the Field

A Fitness Manual for Working Dogs

Book Description

  • A down-to-earth guide on the care of the working dog
  • Contains an invaluable in-the-field first-aid section

    Whatever the breed, whatever the task, working dogs always give their best. In doing so, they sometimes put themselves at risk of accident, injury, or physical and mental stress. Full of sound common sense and written in a plain, straightforward style, this book explores the different needs and care requirements of working dogs in various roles. Learn how to start with the right dog, how to keep it in top condition, how to achieve and manage peak fitness, and the best methods to deal with health problems. Whether you are just starting out or come from generations of successful working dog handlers, you will find a great deal of worthwhile information in this book.

  • About Drakeford, Jackie

    Jackie Drakeford is a widely-respected author of dog-care titles, and she writes for a number of countryside publications. She is a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor and Behaviourist and and is also a founding member of GEM Ferret Care Group. She lives in Sussex, England.