Travel, Tourism and the Moving Image

Book Description

This book explores the relationship between tourism and the moving image, from the early era of silent moving pictures through to cinema as mass entertainment. It examines how our active and emotional engagement with moving images provides meaning and connection to a place that can affect our decision-making when we travel. It also analyses how our touristic experiences can inform our film-viewing. A range of genres and themes are studied including the significance of the western, espionage, road and gangster movies, along with further study of film studio theme parks and an introduction to the relationship between gaming and travel. This book will appeal to tourism scholars as well as film studies professionals, and is written in an accessible manner for a general audience.

About Beeton, Sue

Sue Beeton has worked in the tourism field for 25 years; she is President of the TTRA APac chapter, Honorary Associate Professor of Tourism at La Trobe University, Australia and Visiting Professor at University of Macerata, Italy. She has published widely on the relationship between tourism and film, including Film-Induced Tourism (2005).