Book Description

Madagascar, the naturalist's 'promised land', attracts visitors with its stunning scenery and endemic wildlife, from lemurs and aye-ayes to mantella frogs and sunbirds. From the Nosy Be archipelago to the enchanting coastal town of Fort Dauphin via the capital Antananarivo and the bizarre limestone plateau at Ankarana, Bradt's Madagascar covers all the national parks and protected areas, with itineraries to suit all interests and budgets. Co-authors Daniel Austin and Hilary Bradt have guided mesmerised visitors on more than 30 trips to Madagascar and their personal anecdotes and unparalleled knowledge, combined with input from around 50 experts, make this the most informative and indispensable guide on the market.


About Bradt, Hilary

Daniel Austin is the co-author of Madagascar, Madagascar Highlights and the forthcoming edition of Madagascar Wildlife. He is founder of the Madagascar Library and a photographer specializing in Madagascar, particularly its wildlife. He is Secretary of the Anglo-Malagasy Society, a collector of historical material about Madagascar, and a fanatic of all things Malagasy. Over the past ten years he has spent a total of some 18 months exploring the Great Red Island. The original author of the book Hilary Bradt has visited Madagascar almost every year since 1982, and her in-depth knowledge has bought her lecture engagements at the Royal Geographical Society and the Smithsonian Institution.