Africa Overland


Book Description

Africa is addictive. Africa has colourful people, bustling markets, starry nights, utter desert silence, a cacophony of cicadas, inviting nomads and modern entrepreneurs. Stuck in a deep mud hole, pushing a motorcycle through sand or enjoying the camaraderie of an overloaded public bus, no one is far from the soul of the Dark Continent. Africa Overland, the adventurers’ definitive choice, provides practical sections on buying, maintaining, and driving a vehicle alongside a new section on overland routes in Asia.


About Gibbons, Bob

Sian Pritchard-Jones and Bob Gibbons have crossed Africa a dozen times since 1975, leaving only Angola, Eritrea and Somalia off their enviable tick-list. Bob previously worked for various overland companies as a driver in Africa and has made five major overland journeys across the continent accompanied by Sian.