Madagascar: The Eighth Continent

Book Description

Madagascar is a land where lizards scream and monkey-like lemurs sing songs of inexpressible beauty. It is a place where creatures you may never have heard of—fossa and tenrecs, vangas and aye ayes—thrive in a true ‘Lost World’ along with bizarre plants like the octopus tree and the three-cornered palm. And where the ancestors of the Malagasy, as the island’s people are known, come alive in rollicking ceremonies known as “turning the bones.” Join Peter Tyson on a diverting odyssey with four scientists investigating the fascinating natural and cultural mysteries of this extraordinary land.

About Tyson, Peter

Peter Tyson is a science and travel writer with over 25 years’ experience writing about science, natural history, and conservation. He is the former editor-in-chief of NOVA Online, the website of the PBS science documentary series in the U.S. and has visited Madagascar on numerous occasions.