Central and Eastern European Wildlife

Book Description

The wildlife of central and eastern Europe is one of the unexpected attractions of a region best known for its cultural assets – the Baltic states have vast wet forests and peatbogs; Poland, Slovakia and Bulgaria have Europe's largest remnants of virgin forest; Hungary has the grasslands of the Great Plain; while Romania has the incredible Danube Delta and Croatia boasts the most fantastic archipelago in all the Mediterranean.

This new visitor's guide provides a colorful introduction to the mammals, birds, reptiles, butterflies and other wildlife for which the area is renowned, together with an insight into their habits and habitats and an indication of where they are likely to be seen. Accessible and beautifully illustrated, the guide will appeal both to the holidaymaker and to the serious naturalist seeking a compact volume to carry around. And after the trip, it will make a great souvenir.

About Gorman, Gerard

Gerard Gorman has lived in Hungary for 20 years. He divides his time between writing and guiding visitors on wildlife tours around the region.