Sri Lankan Wildlife

Book Description

In this addition to Bradt's popular wildlife guides, naturalist and wildlife photographer Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne sets out to show visitors the incredible diversity of this small island nation. Sri Lanka is home to elephants, leopards, bears, and water buffalo and boasts one of the highest species densities of marine mammals in the world. An ideal field guide and armchair read, this book is illustrated with color photographs of species and includes maps charting animal habitats to aid identification.
Features include:
*Habitats and reserves--what species can be observed where, including nighttime viewing
*Coverage of both terrestrial and marine animals from "big game" and whales to butterflies, dragonflies, and lizards
*Itineraries for wildlife enthusiasts
*Stunning color photographs throughout plus photography tips

About Wijeyeratne, Gehan

Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne is probably the best known wildlife and tourism personality in Sri Lanka. He has authored and contributed photographs to a number of specialist local Sri Lankan wildlife guides and is also the CEO of a holiday company specializing in tours taking in the wildlife, culture, and conservation in Sri Lanka.