Chinese Ivory Carvings

The Sir Victor Sassoon Collection

Book Description

•Features over 350 exquisite ivories, the most notable artifacts in Sassoon's important collection•Essays written by experts in their fields place the objects in their historical context, making this a book that is both accessible and enlightening•Perfect for anyone interested in Asian art, the history of collecting, or the rich and varied relationship between East and West in the 20th centurySir Victor Sassoon (1881-1961) lived an extraordinary and colorful life and left a remarkable legacy. He created a trust to preserve his collection of ivories for the benefit of UK citizens. Since its foundation and under the guardianship of the dedicated trustees, the collection has grown by the addition of significant specimens that originally went unrepresented. Chinese Ivory Carvings presents 350 of the most significant artifacts, each illustrated and discussed, from Sassoon's extensive collection. Four introductory essays explore the acquisition of the pieces, placing the ivories in their historical and cultural context. In this scholarly celebration of Sassoon's bequest, one can appreciate some of the many facets of Chinese culture both religious and secular. Including minutely carved 'devil's work' spheres, massive figures and exuberantly carved vases, the book is also testament to the technical skills of the craftsmen who produced these wonderful objects.

About Kerr, Rose

Rose Kerr is former Keeper of the Far Eastern Department at the V&A. Phillip Allen is Secretary of the Sir Victor Sassoon Chinese Ivories Trust. Shi Ching-fei is Associate Professor at National Taiwan University and former curator, National Palace Museum.