Amoeba-Ox Continuum

Book Description

Natalie Chaulieu has a new assignment. A series of deaths in an old workers' utopia has caught the attention of the central government and she has been chosen as the liaison between the government and the investigation team. On arriving, she is struck by a world more brilliant and poetic than she has ever known, but as the case progresses it becomes clear that the deaths are intimately connected to the utopia, which is itself suffering a slow decline. As the investigation continues Natalie is forced to question whether the brilliance and poetry are worth saving, and, if so, at what cost...

About Portigal, Trent

Trent Portigal is a writer of political tales and urban anecdotes. His second novel A Floating Phrase was shortlisted for the Robert Kroetsch City of Edmonton Book Prize. Trent spends his days planning cities on the Canadian prairies. He lives in Edmonton, Canada.