Rise Up - with Wings Like Eagles

Discover Inner Strength and Wisdom to Transform Our Relationship with the Earth

Book Description

At a time of great importance in the history of life on the planet, human beings find themselves with enormous economic and technological power, but also with a terrible inner weakness. This book takes a careful look at our vulnerability and proposes some radical new pathways towards a life more in harmony with the natural world.

About Sunderland, Chris

Chris Sunderland is a social entrepreneur and practical philosopher dedicated to exploring new ways to live. He has been a founder member of four enterprises, including the Bristol Pound and several food and agriculture-related initiatives, which have been designed to demonstrate a life more in harmony with the natural world. Chris's writing puts this work into a big-picture context by demonstrating the poverty of our dominant worldviews and offering insights into how we can work together for a better future. He lives in Bristol, UK.