The Gridiron Playbook for Building a Championship Business Team

Book Description

In Team WORKS! former NFL player turned entrepreneur Chris Valletta describes the strategies and tools needed to build a championship-caliber business team, using athletic principles. He has spent his business career perfecting these traits - and has helped produce three multi-million dollar ventures in the process. This book raises the bar for business guides and expands over the normal approach other books preach. It's like having your own personal employee activist, telling you exactly the right moves to make at the right time, to achieve the greatest possible results for your business. With contributions from well-known sport legends, famous entrepreneurs, and a Foreword by President-Elect Donald Trump, Valetta ties football tactics into building a championship business team. With humorous stories and real-life adventures Valetta's book will entertain football lovers and non-football lovers alike.

About Valletta, Chris

Chris Valletta is an All-American athlete and former NFL player who has turned his uncanny drive, skill, and leadership into terrific business success. He lives in New York City with his wife Liliana, and son John David.