Emotional Life - Managing Your Feelings to Make the Most of Your Precious Time on Earth

How to Gain Mastery Over Your Feelings

Book Description

This book provides readers with a variety of valuable skills and strategies that will help them gain mastery over their emotions in order to live healthy, happy and fulfilling lives. Presented in an original and unique voice, it provides examples of how our emotional state largely determines how well we experience life and also explains what emotions are, where they come from, and the ways in which we can enhance the quality of our lives by putting ourselves in the ‘driver’s seat’ of our own emotional life.

About Davy, Doreen

Over the years psychologist Dr. Doreen Davy has helped thousands of unhappy people to feel better emotionally by combining a 'big picture' philosophical perspective of life with cognitive behavior therapy. As well as being a psychologist, she is a writer, philosopher and observer of human behavior. She lives in Auckland, New Zealand.