Dead Men Talking

The Beginning of the Black Light

Book Description

Catherine has a special gift; it’s a blessing and a curse. She is haunted by demons, ghosts from her family’s past and from Glasgow’s disturbing history.

A 19th century murder, 21st century prostitution ring and 20th century drowning. Meet Pat Jones, a restless murdered soul who tells the tale of stolen love, betrayal, murder and prostitution. It all becomes very personal for Catherine Fleming a young psychic who quickly becomes embroiled in a murky Glasgow underworld she had never imagined in her worst nightmares. The more she tries to ignore the voices, the more she is drawn into the realm of the dead and the world of human trafficking.

Can she discover the secret buried deep within her family's history and the secrets hidden in a city linking the past with the present?

It began with Pat Jones and a river... where will it end?

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