Do We Need Midwives?

Book Description

What is the future of the human capacity to give birth? What is the future of underused physiological functions? Should we expect an evolution of Homo sapiens in relation to the way babies are born? Can fast-developing scientific disciplines induce a new awareness?

In this wide-ranging, interdisciplinary look at the future of birth, renowned obstetrician Michel Odent takes the question 'Do we need midwives?' as a starting point. If a paradigm shift occurs, what kind of midwives shall we need? For how long can we go on neutralizing the laws of natural selection? Are human beings able to raise vital questions before it is too late? Unprecedented situations should first and foremost inspire appropriate questions.

About Odent, Michel

Michel Odent, MD, has been influencing the history of childbirth and health research for several decades. Odent is familiarly known as the obstetrician who introduced the concept of birthing pools and home-like birthing rooms. He has published 12 books in 21 languages. His last four book are published by Pinter & Martin.

  • The Functions of the Orgasms; 9781905177189
  • Childbirth in the Age of Plastics; 9781905177547
  • Childbirth and the Future of Homo Sapiens; 9781780660950
  • Childbirth and the Evolution of Homo Sapiens; 9781780662107

His other books include Birth Reborn and Birth and Breastfeeding. Michel currently lives in France.