An illustrated guide to varieties, cultivation and care, with step-by-step instructions and over 145 stunning photographs

Book Description

One of the great wonders of nature is the ability of plants

to adapt and survive in the harshest of environments.

Growing mostly in desert areas, succulents provide many

fascinating examples of this. Among this plant group

there is an astonishing variety of size, shape and hue

to be found, ranging from Testudinaria elephantipes,

with its swollen hemispherical wooden base, to stone

plants such as Lithops, that are little more than a pair

of swollen leaves. This book features 50 of the best

varieties, and explains how to cultivate and care for

them. Hardy and stoical, but also immensely varied,

every grower will find a succulent to suit their tastes.

• Features a directory of over 50 varieties of succulents,

including Agave, Aloe, Cotyledon, Euphorbia, Haworthia,

Kalanchoe, Lithops, Sedum and Testudinaria

• Step-by-step photographic guidance on planting,

repotting, propagation by seeds and cuttings, everyday

maintenance, and common pests and diseases

• For each variety, full botanical information is provided

on growth, spread, size and flowering, as well as

suggestions for other recommended species to try

About Hewitt, Terry

About the Author: Terry Hewitt was an experienced

lecturer and writer, and he collected cacti and succulent

plants for 40 years. For over 25 of those years he

grew these plants commercially at Holly Gate Cactus

Nursery in Sussex.