I'm Movin' On

The Life and Legacy of Hank Snow

Book Description

Born in tiny Brooklyn, Nova Scotia, Hank Snow enjoyed amusical career that spanned five decades and sales of more than 80 millionalbums. In I'm Movin' On, journalist Vernon Oickle chronicles Snow'shardscrabble life, from his destitute childhood in Queens County tointernational fame. Leaving no stone unturned in his richly detailed profile ofThe Singing Ranger, Oickle exposes the highs and lows of Snow's career, and hisjourney (“Everywhere, man,”) from small East Coast radio stations to the GrandOle Opry in Texas. Includes a foreword from Hank's son, Jimmie Rodgers Snow, atimeline, discography, and 75 photographs.

About Oickle, Vernon

Vernon Oickle was born in Liverpool, where he worked for thirteen years at his hometown newspaper, The Advance. He has won many regional, national, and international awards for writing and photography. In 2009, the International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors based in Missouri chose him as one of the top twelve editorial writers among their worldwide membership. Today, he is the editor of the award-winning newspaper The Lunenburg County Progress Bulletin. He is the author of thirteen books. The father of two, he continues to reside in Liverpool with his family.