Trust Accounting for Lawyers in One Hour

Book Description

One of the top reasons lawyers are disciplined or even disbarred is trust accounting done badly or ignored. Don't become part of that statistic!

Trust accounting is one area that no one can afford to overlook, but busy lawyers don't have time or resources to waste. Lawyers who are leaving their law firms to establish their own solo practice or small firm need this simple primer to fulfill their ethical and fiduciary responsibilities to safeguard the money belonging to their clients.

Trust Accounting in One Hour for Lawyers is a practical how-to book that will guide you quickly from opening your lawyer trust account to properly using it and providing accurate, timely accountings to your clients. In this book, author Sheila M. Blackford, an experienced practice management advisor, shares common sense advice to help busy lawyers and their staff safely and sanely adopt best practices and avoid ethical violations.

About Blackford, Sheila M.

Sheila Blackford is an attorney in Tigard, Oregon, and has been a practice management advisor for the Oregon State Bar Professional Liability Fund since 2005, providing confidential practice management assistance to Oregon attorneys to reduce their risk of malpractice claims and ethics complaints.