Lawyers as Changemakers

The Global Integrative Law Movement

Book Description

Integrative lawyers are the harbingers of a new cultural consciousness and are leaders in social evolution. Integrative Law isn't just an approach to legal procedures. It has to do with a fundamental shift in world view, an expansion of what we think is possible. Integrative Lawyers explore and draw upon many disciplines and wisdom traditions, such as philosophy, science, psychology, and spirituality. They bring this consciousness into the law and are partners with colleagues in other disciplines.

Yeah, it's that kind of book.

About Wright, J. Kim

J. Kim Wright is the publisher and managing editor of She and her business partner, Michael Matthews, have interviewed over one hundred lawyers, law professors, law students, judges, and allied professionals who are working to create a new paradigm of legal practice. She coaches lawyers on transforming their law practices and finding the right livelihood. A member of the North Carolina Bar, she occasionally practices law and has been an adjunct professor at three colleges. She develops continuing legal education programs and has published many articles and chapters in magazines and other books. She is involved in several think-tanks and support circles and is working on two primetime documentary series about law.