What Is...ADR in Health Care Disputes?

Book Description

Alternative dispute resolution, or ADR, is the practice of resolving disputes through processes other than litigation. The most common forms of ADR are mediation and arbitration, but many other forms exist in the Health Care arena to address specific types of disputes and their need for tailored processes for unique situations. Some of these include hearing officers for hospital hearings, referees for discovery disputes and early neutral evaluation of cases.

Lawyers specializing in the Health Care field are required to utilize many skills, techniques and methods to resolve disputes for their clients. Health Care lawyers must remain up-to-date on regulatory changes, industry trends, the economic climate and changes in the law.

About Boserup, Viggo

Viggo Boserup, Esq., CEDS, is a JAMS neutral attorney based in Los Angeles

California. In addition to more than 20 years as a full-time mediator

and arbitrator, Mr. Boserup serves as special master and referee in a

number of cases involving electronic discovery. He is certified as an

Electronic Discovery Specialist by the Association of Certified Electronic

Discovery Specialists (ACEDS). He can be reached at


Brian Parmelee based in Los Angeles, CA is Vice President of Corporate Development and

Panel Relations at JAMS. He focuses on strategic initiatives, market

expansion, and corporate business development opportunities.

Parmelee works closely with the CEO as well as JAMS management

and marketing teams to maximize the practices of the panel and

ensure that JAMS continues to offer premier dispute resolution services.

He can be reached at bparmelee@jamsadr.com.

Jerry P. Roscoe, Esq., based in Washington, DC serves exclusively as a mediator and arbitrator.

He brings over 20 years of experience in the resolution of complex,

multiparty matters, including Supreme Court cases and

international conflicts. He can be reached at jroscoe@jamsadr.com.

Hon. Janice M. Symchych (former) from Minneapolis, MN is a veteran ADR professional

and federal courts practitioner with over three decades of legal and

judicial experience. A former magistrate judge for four years, Ms.

Symchych also served as Deputy General Counsel of Litigation at

Medtronic, Inc. She can be reached at jsymchych@jamsadr.com.

R. Wayne Thorpe, Esq., from Atlanta, GA has been a full-time ADR neutral attorney with

JAMS since 1998. He has served as mediator, arbitrator, facilitator,

special master, and case evaluator in roughly 2,000 cases in more

than 15 states, including many high-stakes and complex cases, class

actions, MDLs, and other large-scale multi-party cases, and more

than 500 arbitrations as sole arbitrator, panel chair, or party-appointed