Working with Aging Clients

A Guide for Legal, Business, and Financial Professionals

Book Description

The U.S. population is aging and most professionals will encounter more and more clients who are seniors. This book provides practical insights and strategies to help lawyers, business, and financial professionals address aging biases and successfully accommodate the needs of this growing clientele.

Working with Aging Clients places a special focus on financial elder abuse as well as the capacity of financial decision making for seniors. The author provides shrewd techniques to guide professionals in identifying, preventing or simply stopping financial elder abuse.

This book is an essential aging and financial resource, providing:

  • A look at aging clients from their point of view.
  • Insights from a seasoned geriatric nurse's perspective that has expertly cared for seniors augmented by a litigator's experience in representing elder clients and their best interests.
  • Principles with illustrations from actual cases, particularly diminished capacity.
  • Heightened consciousness surrounding age-related biases, myths, and stereotypes.
  • Proven strategies to resolve conflicts and valuable tips for successful elder-related mediation.
  • An easy roadmap for both legal and non-legal professionals who share an interest in better serving their aging clientele.

About Rosenblatt, Carolyn L.

Carolyn Rosenblatt has more than 45 yearsofexperience in hercombined professions of nursing and legal practice. She has direct experience in caring forelders in nursinghomes, hospitals, and their homes. Together with her husband, geriatric psychologistDr.Mikol Davis, she, a resource for families, and, offering education and training about aging clients for financialand other professionals. She has a specialinterest in preventing elder financial abuse.Sheis a consultant in aging and hasbeen quoted in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Next Avenue, Financial, AARP'spublications, the

National Safety Council journal, and many other sources, aswellasappearing on radio showsdiscussing questions about aging parents and clients. Ms. Rosenblatt blogs weekly at Aging Parentson She isalsopublished
in national legal and nursing journalsonthe legal aspects of caregiving, elder driving, resolving family conflict, and the healthcare issuesofdementia. She isa frequent speaker for organizations, care facilities, and groups.

Ms. Rosenblatt is the author of The Family Guide to Aging Parents, a help for those who are taking on the caregiver role and adjusting to changes of aging in their loved ones.