One Room: Schools and Schoolteachers in the Pioneer West


Book Description

A fond recollection of America’s one-room school houses, this book includes photos, essays, and stories of heroism and perseverance. Filled with nostalgia and the innocent hope of pioneers forging communities, this highly illustrated book tells the stories of unsung and yet mythical frontiersmen and women who shaped young minds and “civilized” the west. Will include stories of children who attended one-room schools, the teachers, and tales of blizzards, fires, and the teaching of the three “R’s.” Illustrated with archival images and modern photos of one room schools both abandoned and still in use.

About Jenner, Gail L.

Gail L. Jenner is a former secondary history and English teacher and is married to a fourth-generation cattle rancher in the mountains of Northern California. She and her husband live on the 150 year old, original homestead near Etna. She has spent 40 years working with her husband, while maintaining a large garden, working outside the home, raising children, chickens, and cooking for family and hired help, and now writing full-time. She is the author of Ankle High and Knee Deep and other titles for Globe Pequot and TwoDot.