Paleo Love

How Our Stone Age Genes Complicate Modern Relationships

Book Description

Are your Stone Age genes making it hard for you to find the right mate or remain faithful? This insightful book shows how our prehistoric desires continue to affect our present-day romantic relationships. It reveals why men prefer women with larger breasts (because they signal a woman’s fertility), why women remain drawn to high-status men with money (because they can protect and provide), and why being single today can feel so isolating (because for 95 percent of human evolution we lived in tightly-knit communities). Finally understanding the very real impact of our primal drives can help us to become more aware of our behavior and make better romantic choices in the future.

About Mehta, Vinita

Dr. Vinita Mehta is a clinical psychologist and a journalist. She has worked at NBC News and Discovery Studios, and she was the science editor of the acclaimed PBS special This Emotional Life. Dr. Mehta has provided expert commentary for The Today Show, The Discovery Channel, and Men’s Health. She hosts the popular blog “Head Games” for Psychology Today. She lives in Washington, DC.