Kings, Queens, and Pawns

An American Woman at the Front

Book Description

In 1914, journalist and mystery writer Mary Roberts Rinehart traveled to Europe alone to cover World War I for the Saturday EveningPost. This collection of her writing encompasses her observations on her travels—from being received by King Albert in Belgium and recording his first authorized statement on the war, to meeting Winston Churchill, to traveling to the English and French front lines as the first correspondent permitted there. Rinehart’s book was a humanitarian plea to Americans to join the war effort three years before the American Expeditionary Force set sail for Europe, an unpopular view vindicated by subsequent events.

About Rinehart, Mary Roberts

Mary Roberts Rinehart was an innovative and well-loved writer, novelist, playwright, and reporter. Her mysteries in particular, such as The Circular Staircase and The Man in Lower Ten, remain popular, and have garnered her the name of “The American Agatha Christie,” despite the fact that Rinehart published her first book many years before the canonical British writer.