Behind Enemy Lines

Civil War Spies, Raiders, and Guerrillas

Book Description

Frequently surprising, sometimes bloody, and always absorbing, Behind Enemy Lines offers up tales of espionage, hit-and-run raids, and guerrilla warfare. The book provides a new perspective on familiar aspects of Civil War history, including shadowy agents, women using their feminine wiles, unashamed looting, and vengeful crusades.

Popular historian Wilmer L. Jones reveals that, by subverting the methods of traditional warfare, small and sometimes unorganized groups as well as intrepid spies, daring raiders, and mutinous guerrillas turned the tide of the Civil War far from the fronts of the now-legendary battlefields.

Each of the three sections—spies, raiders, and Guerrillas—introduces riveting accounts of the often-overlooked heroes and heroines of unconventional warfare.
Behind Enemy Lines spotlights such fabled infiltrators as Belle Boyd, Allen Pinkerton, and Timothy Webster. It also examines how the South, with its daring cavalry and constant struggle for supplies, resorted to sometimes brutal offensives led by men like Turner Ashby, John Mosby, and John Hunt Morgan. Finally, the gripping and detailed narrative peers into the bloody guerrilla warfare, spotlighting John Brown, William Clark Quantrill, and Bloody Bill Anderson, as well as the genesis of the James-Younger Gang.

Civil war buffs, history lovers, and espionage enthusiasts will find this fascinating volume a welcome addition to their libraries.

About Jones, Wilmer L., PhD

Wilmer L. Jones, PhD, is the author of After the Thunder: Fourteen Men Who Shaped Post–Civil War America. A Civil War historian and member of the Civil War Roundtable, Jones is the author of twenty-five academic and scholarly books and publications. He lives in Towson, Maryland.