John Wilkes Booth

Beyond the Grave

Book Description

Leading the reader through a series of amazing coincidences and details, this book presents startling evidence that John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of President Lincoln, was never captured but escaped to live for decades, continue his acting career, marry, and have children. Compelling and revealing information in the form of papers and diaries has recently been found in private collections—materials that provide greater insight into the events leading up to the assassination of Lincoln as well as details of the pursuit and capture of the man the government claimed was Booth.

About Jameson, W.C.

A John Wilkes Booth family descendant, W.C. Jameson became interested in Booth when he was ten years old, when he was reprimanded by family members for bringing up the subject of the outlaw and told never to talk of him again. Jameson is also the award-winning author of 80 books and over 1,500 published articles and essays. He lives in Llano, Texas.