ABCs of the UCC: Article 7

Documents of Title

Book Description

This book is an introduction to the principles found in Article 7 concerning bailment and documents of title. For law students and graduates, this guide should complete the partial picture he/she has received when encountering documents of title in other courses, such as sales, secured transactions, or payments involving letters of credit. This book discusses Article 7 after the complete revision of the Article in 2003, and is part of the ABCs of the UCC series published by the ABA.

This is a re-release of The ABCs of the UCC (Revised) Article 7 that first published in 2004.

About Rusch, Linda J.

Linda J. Rusch is a retired professor of law as of August 2012 and resides in Seattle, WA. At Gonzaga University, she was the inaugural holder of the Frederick N. and Barbara T. Curley Professor in Commercial Law from 2005-2010. She was also a co-director of the Law School’s Commercial Law Center.