ERISA Survey of Federal Circuits

Book Description

The latest resource for the practitioner who needs to become quickly acquainted with ERISA law of a particular circuit. Circuits can vary significantly in their approach to substantive and procedural ERISA issues. The 2014 edition of, ERISA Survey of Federal Circuits, is revised and updated to include:

• Updated discussion of the most recent and leading ERISA cases by circuit
• Analysis of the leading standard of review decisions
• Recent ERISA discovery trends
• Discussion of the Fiduciary Exception to the Attorney Client Privilege
• Examination of disability claims based on the Risk of Relapse
• Consideration of the consequences of a failure to make a timely request for administrative review
• Review of circuit-by-circuit approaches to common plan and policy provisions

About Magratten, Brooks R.

Brooks R. Magratten is a partner in the Providence, Rhode Island, office of Pierce Atwood, LLP.