Media Coverage in Criminal Justice Cases

What Prosecutors and Defenders Should and Should Not Say

Book Description

The media plays a role in many major criminal cases. From Jodi Arias and Amanda Knox to Michael Jackson and Kobe Bryant. This comprehensive book addresses the major media issues facing criminal lawyers. Written by a diverse panel of experts, this book covers strategy and tactics, media consultants, ethical constraints, First Amendment issues, use of social science in court, and guidelines for lawyers acting as media commentators.

About Taslitz, Andrew E.

Professor Andrew E. Taslitz teaches at the Washington College of Law at American University, where he serves as the Director of its new Criminal Justice Practice and Policy Institute. He is a former prosecutor from Philadelphia, PA., and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and has been named one of the 26 best law teachers in America. He has published over 100 works, eight of which are books and is a member of the Governing Council of the ABA Criminal Justice Section, its incoming Chair-Elect, and Editor-in Chief of its publication, Criminal Justice.