The Ultimate Guide to Vinyl and More

All You Need to Know About Collecting Essential Music from Cylinders and CDs to LPs and Tapes

Book Description

An in-depth and comprehensive guide to ä and history of ä music collecting ÊThe Ultimate Guide to Vinyl and MoreÊ traces the hobby from its beginnings over a century ago. The book features informative and entertaining sections on every significant format in which recorded music has been released ä and some that are now almost completely forgotten.ÞBased on Dave Thompson's original Backbeat classic ÊThe Music Lover's Guide to Record CollectingÊ this revamped colorful expanded edition takes readers from the early days of cylinders 78s and Edison records on through 45s LPs 8-tracks cassettes bootlegs CDs MiniDiscs MP3s LPs and other formats.ÞLandmark labels collectable artists specialist themes and more are explored across a series of essays while dozens of color images bring the most obscure corners of the hobby to life. Unlike other volumes that focus exclusively on vinyl this book caters to the audiophile whose obsession for music welcomes all formats. Through it all the joy and fascination of music collecting in all its guises comes alive.

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