Close to the Edge

How Yes's Masterpiece Defined Prog Rock

Book Description

The first half of the 1970s was an especially fertile period for British progressive rock laying claim to classics such as ÊTarkusÊ ÊSelling England by the PoundÊ ÊLarks' Tongues in AspicÊ ÊThe Dark Side of the MoonÊ and ÊThick as a BrickÊ. Collectively these and other works represent the best British progressive rock had to offer. Yet it's Yes's 1972 three-track masterpiece ÊClose to the EdgeÊ that presents a snapshot of an adventurous rock band at the peak of its powers daring to push itself musically both as individuals and as a unit. In this absorbing chronicle which draws upon dozens of original and archived interviews and features rare photographs and an extensive discography acclaimed music journalist Will Romano examines why ÊClose to the EdgeÊ is the ultimate prog rock album.ÞYes had previously penned epic tracks for ÊThe Yes AlbumÊ and ÊFragileÊ but nothing on the magnitude of the musical gems appearing on ÊClose to the EdgeÊ. It's something of a small miracle ä perhaps even magic ä that the virtuoso quintet crafted such a cohesive and compelling album during an often-hectic recording process that very nearly relegated this monumental work to the dustbin of history. So potent was the power of ÊClose to the EdgeÊ that even before its release it had forever shifted the personal dynamics of the group and the course of progressive rock. Rarely had Yes or any rock outfit for that matter been simultaneously so expansive and concise spiritual and savage profound and nebulous.

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