Pearl Jam FAQ

All That's Left to Know About Seattle's Most Enduring Band

Book Description

ÊPearl Jam FAQÊ is what the British refer to as a spanner covering the entire arc of the band's career from their pre-Pearl Jam days to the present. Each chapter explores a different aspect of Pearl Jam's fascinating history.ÞYou will read about the members' successes failures and tragedies in earlier bands. You will learn the band's origin story and the unusual manner in which they came up with a name. We will go inside the studio and analyze each of their albums in turn. We will hit the road with the band as Pearl Jam sets out to conquer Seattle the West Coast of the United States and then the entire world.ÞWe will watch as Pearl Jam adapts to an ever-changing media landscape where MTV not radio is the major power broker. You will revel in their battles with Ticketmaster and learn about the roots of their socio-political activism. In short you will experience Pearl Jam in every imaginable context: on CD on vinyl on the radio on television on film in videos onstage backstage on the road in the air and at home. Written by Pearl Jam enthusiasts ÊPearl Jam FAQÊ presents a must-have text for band devotees to devour.

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