Kickstart My Heart

A Motley Crew Day-by-Day

Book Description

Kickstart My Heart: A Mötley Crüe Day-by-Day is an exciting chronology that celebrates in innovative form – through the use of day-by-day entries and supporting band quotes mostly collected firsthand by the author, as well as memorabilia shots and photography – the crazy lives lived by Vince, Mick, Nikki, and Tommy at the booze-drenched apex of the rock-'n'-roll food chain. Augmented with entries that help place the band in a wider rock context, Popoff presents a swift-moving, action-packed symphony of text and visuals that reprises his collaboration with Backbeat on similarly structured titles about Iron Maiden and Ozzy Osbourne. With very few Mötley Crüe-related books on the market, Kickstart My Heart will likely serve for years to come as the most complete – and completely party-hardy – celebration of this band now 35 years on and in the midst of completing its final tour ever.

About Popoff, Martin

Martin Popoff (Toronto, Canada) has written 50 books on hard rock and heavy metal, with his 7 900 record reviews serving unofficially as a world record for number of reviews penned. Popoff also works with Banger Films on hard rock-related TV and film productions, and he writes prolifically for magazines and websites. Kickstart My Heart is Martin's fourth book with Backbeat.