Dracula FAQ

All That's Left to Know About the Count from Transylvania

Book Description

ÊDracula FAQÊ unearths little-known facts about both the historical and literary Dracula. The 15th-century warlord Vlad III known as Vlad the Impaler and Dracula (son of the Dragon) became a legendary figure in his native Wallachia. Four hundred years later Irish author Bram Stoker appropriated Dracula's name for a vampire novel he spent seven years researching and writing.ÞConsidered one of the great classics of Gothic literature ÊDraculaÊ went on to inspire numerous stage plays musicals movies and TV adaptations ä with actors as diverse as Bela Lugosi John Carradine Christopher Lee Jack Palance Frank Langella Louis Jourdan Gary Oldman and Gerard Butler taking on the role of the vampire king. And with Dracula proving the popularity of vampires other bloodsuckers rose from their graves to terrify book movie and TV audiences ä from Barnabas Collins of ÊDark ShadowsÊ to ÊThe Night StalkerÊ to the vampires of ÊTrue BloodÊ on the small screen and ÊInterview with the VampireÊ and ÊTwilightÊ on the big screen. More recently Dracula has been resurrected for a TV series starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and a feature film starring Luke Evans. ÊDracula FAQÊ covers all of these and more including the amazing stories of real-life vampires!

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