Practicing Law in Small Town America

Book Description

Practicing Law in Small-Town America, in three distinct and thorough parts, paints a picture of what small-town practice is like in its rich diversity, examines how local practitioners got to where they are, and details what an aspiring small-town lawyer needs to know and do in order to locate in--or relocate to--a small community. The book includes everything information on everything from Where to locate to what to do when you get there. The book also includes appendices on what's out there, a small-town due diligence checklist, best and worst places to relocate, additional information sources and a thorough bibliography, and an in-depth look at the history of one of the representative towns featured in the book, Canandaigua, New York.

About Hermann, Richard L.

Richard L. Hermann is a professor at Concord Law School, teaching the only full-semester course in legal career management in the United States. His Future Interests blog appears twice a week on, and he was the co-founder of Federal Reports Inc., the leading U.S. provider of legal career information, and of and Law Student Jobs Online. He resides in Arlington, VA.