Sea Glass

Rare and Wonderful

Book Description

Almost every shoreline offers up worlds of adventure, archaeology, science, and the arts in the form of sea glass and ceramic shards. These discarded remains pull beachcombers into a world of startling revelation; a world of history founded on documented research and broadened by the imagination.

Recognized expert on sea glass, C.S. Lambert guides readers through her personal collection, revealing the fascinating true stories of each piece’s origin. Lambert shares the story behind the design ofvintage bottles, the hidden purpose of mysterious pieces of sea glass, and the history of china patterns and ceramic dolls. She also shares some of the rarest specimens of sea glass, for some of which there are only one or two pieces known to be in existence. It's a treat for sea glass aficionados everywhere.

About Lambert, C. S.

C.S. Lambert is the author of the bestselling Sea Glass Chronicles, A Passion for Sea Glass, and Sea Glass Hunter’s Handbook. She has also been ad editor for the International Herald Tribune, French Times, and W Fashion Life. Her articles have appeared in American History Illustrated, France Today, Yankee, the Gloucester Daily Times, and the Camden Herald. She has collected sea glass on five continents and lives in Owls Head, Maine.

Tina Lam is a photographer, sea-glass collector, and jewelry maker. Her photographs have been the basis for five sea glass calendars, as well as the book Art of Sea Glass. She lives in Hong Kong.