Mrs. Roberto

Or the Widowy Worries of the Moosepath League

Book Description

Van Reid's Moosepath League novels will sweep you away to a joyful time and place, sparkling with lighthearted comedy, splendid writing, and a playful, romantic spirit.

Mrs. Roberto, the fourth installment of Van Reid's utterly charming Moosepath League series, begins as portly, jovial Tobias Walton continues to woo the elegant Phileda McCannon. But surprises are in store as Walton and his pal Sundry Moss become unexpected guests at the eccentric Fern Farm, where they become counselors to a downhearted pig and unintentional puzzlers of peculiar family secret. Meanwhile the members of the Moosepath League run afoul of Portland's toughest gangster and enlist an army of hoboes in their search for the elusive and possibly imperiled Mrs. Roberto. Soon kindness. heroism, and hilarious misunderstanding will bring them all together as witnesses to a frightening natural disaster.

About Reid, Van

Van Reid's family has lived in Edgecomb, Maine, since the 1800s. Reid was a long-time bookseller and lives with his wife and children in a house Reid and his brother built on their family's land. His series of novels about the Moosepath League--of which Mollie Peer is the second--take place in the late 1800s on coastal Maine.