Book Description

Philippa Marshall arrives on isolated Bennett’s Island as a young war widow eager to provide for her son. The insular island community initially welcomes her as the teacher in their one-room schoolhouse, but when she champions a clutch of neglected children, she finds herself thrust in the midst of a smoldering conflict between two prominent families. The prospect of a lobster war between the Bennetts and Campions threatens the livelihoods of everyone who calls Bennett’s Island home.

Philippa must grapple with her sense of loyalty to her deceased husband, even as her feelings for Steve Bennett blossom against the rugged coastal landscape. She longs to be reunited with her son, but she’s troubled by the specter of latent strife that lies beneath the tranquil surface of the island community. Philippa must weigh the balance of her heart and her mind and plot the course of her destiny.

About Ogilvie, Elisabeth

Elisabeth Ogilvie wrote 46 books including The Seasons Hereafter, Strawberries in the Sea and her memoir My World is an Island. In 1947 she won the New England Women’s Press Association award for Storm Tide. Ogilvie grew up in the greater Boston area, but lived in Maine from 1944 until her death in 2006 and remains one of Maine’s best loved writers.