Managing Learning Programs Step by Step

Book Description

How can I ensure buy-in from key stakeholders for my learning program? What questions should I answer to help create a vision for my program? And how can I decide which learning approach to use in my learning program? “Managing Learning Programs Step by Step” provides the tools and information to give learning professionals a road map to create or re-energize their learning program.

In this issue of TD at Work, you will learn how to:

  • Create a vision and secure buy-in for your learning program.
  • Identify roles and resources to help you deliver on your program.
  • Prioritize program needs and ensure the necessary infrastructure is in place.
  • Decide on an approach to learning program measurement and evaluation.

About Downs, Lisa

Lisa Downs, M.S. Ed., CPLP is the owner of DevelopmentWise Consulting in Redmond, WA, specializing in leadership coaching and consulting.