Knack Self-Defense for Women

Strategies, Moves & Everyday Tactics To Gain Confidence & Stay Safe

Book Description

The statistics are spine-chilling: One in four women will be assaulted in her lifetime. With Knack Self-Defense for Women, the female gender finally has a comprehensive, picture-driven guide to personal security that covers all the essential strategies to maximize personal safety. Full-color photos accompany step-by-step, detailed instructions on each move. You'll learn easy ways to improve your everyday security, and the book's hands-on chapters provide you with simple and effective tools, culled from more than twenty martial arts, that could prove vital during an assault. Post-assault strategies and crisis management are also covered, rounding out this indispensable resource to your new empowerment.

About Wright-Martell, Chris

Chris Wright-Martell began his martial arts career at age six, when he took up judo. At eight, he started in with karate, and by 11, he was a junior instructor in both areas. By the time he entered college at UMass-Amherst, he'd studied over 20 different types of martial arts. After a brief stint as a dance instructor, Chris found his way back to his martial arts roots. In 2002, he founded the Modern Self-Defense Center, which specializes in contemporary self-defense training. Visit him at
Chris, and his self-defense techniques, has been featured several times on ABC news.

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