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About Digh, Patti

PATTI DIGH is the creator and author of the award-winning blog with over 15,000 subscribers from around the world. She is also author of LIFE IS A VERB (9781599212951, Skirt, 8/08, Bookscan 13,519 RTD), a Books for a Better Life nominee. Patti also conducts "Life is a Verb" retreats and telecoaching sessions to help people wake up and live more intentional, meaningful lives.

Patti is an internationally-recognized speaker and storyteller who has worked in over 60 countries and in almost every U.S. state to help individuals, organizations, and communities work more effectively across difference and to bring more mindfulness to their work in the world. Her first book, Global Literacies (Simon & Schuster), was a Fortune magazine best business book for 2000.

Comfortable in front of any audience, Patti is a creative and illuminating presence, reaching people from the boiler room to the boardroom, from Tel Aviv to Johannesburg to Hastings, Nebraska. Her intuitive understanding of diverse locations and people is deep, and she is able to find a common story along this vast rainbow of audiences with great humor and insight. A longtime faculty member for the prestigious Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication, her comments and articleshave appeared on PBS and in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, and Fortune magazine, among other international publications.

Thousands of readers from around the world have responded to the deeply authentic message of LIFE IS A VERB. As one reader wrote, If the Buddha had two children, two cats, a dog, and a huge crush on Johnny Depp, he might be called Patti Digh. Life is a Verb has been called a soul-help book, not a self-help book. See and