Knack Dog Care and Training

A Complete Illustrated Guide to Adopting, House-Breaking, and Raising a Healthy Dog

Book Description

Carina MacDonald's fun, upbeat presentation ranges from the basics of choosing and getting a dog to a wonderfully complete, visually organized treasure-trove of tips on training one's dog, addressing behavior problems, and making sure he or she stays healthy.

About Macdonald, Carina

Carina MacDonald wrote the award winning Raw Dog Food – Make it Easy for You and Your Dog and her writing about dogs, travel, home repair and decorating has been widely published both online and in print. She owns a petsitting business catering primarily to dogs, and spends many weekends training and competing in dog agility and obedience. She is a member of the AWSOMM Agility Club of Mid Michigan. Having grown up with working Border Collies and owning dogs her entire life, Carina realised years ago that dogs are her passion. From fostering and rescuing dogs to training and living with them, she can't imagine a home without dog hair and muddy pawprints. She owns and moderates a popular online canine nutrition, health and behavior forum and also keeps learning by attending seminars and workshops on all things dog-related.

Carina's parents are British and Carina grew up in various locations including Devon, England; and Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Skye, Scotland. She attended high school on the Isle of Skye, where her mother currently lives and owns Shilasdair Yarns. During her years in Devon, Carina had a dog who walked to the bus stop with the children in the family, waited until they were on the bus, and then walked himself home. She spent a lot of time walking and hiking in the English countryside with dog by her side.