Knack Pregnancy Guide

An Illustrated Handbook for Every Trimester

Book Description

Coauthored by an ob/gyn and a noted pregnancy and childbirth expert, Knack Pregnancy Guide is the most reader-friendly, visually informative book ever on the subject. Encompassing all vital pregnancy information, it is organized to meet the needs of today's busy mothers-to-be. It introduces the latest ideas and research—from prenatal testing to the long-term effects of prenatal nutrition—and provides indispensable advice to mothers at high risk or with pregnancy complications and those with dietary limitations. Sidebars offer quick tips on warning signs, where to find help, and more. Knack Pregnancy Guide is a must for every pregnant mother.

• 300 full-color photos

• 50 illustrations

• Coauthored by an ob/gyn and a leading doula

• Organized by trimester

• Special pages for dads

About Lane, Brenda

Brenda J. Lane, LCCE, CD(DONA), has the knack! A practicing childbirth educator since 1993, she is a certified doula and doula trainer who has attended more than 300 births. She is the features writer on pregnancy and childbirth for

Ilana T. Kirsch, M.D., received her medical degree from the UCLA School of Medicine,
and was formerly on the teaching faculty at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. She has
delivered more than 2,000 babies. She lives in South Bend, Indiana.

Carline Jean, a photojournalist, is senior staff photographer at the Sun Sentinel newspaper in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She has a specialty sideline taking portraits of pregnant mothers.