Knack Treehouses

A Step-By-Step Guide To Designing & Building A Safe & Sound Structure

Book Description

Part dreambook and part practical guide, Knack Treehouses takes the reader a big step closer to having a house in the treetops. Replete with 450 full-color photographs, it covers all there is to know about designing, building, and enjoying unique elevated dwellings—both for kids and for adults. It also includes extensive information on materials and building techniques, including tips on tree selection and evaluation. Specific plans are given for trunk treehouses, branch treehouses, and treehouses between two trees, with each plan including step-by-step instructions for safe construction.

About Levin, Lon

Lon Levin is the illustrator of eleven titles in FalconGuide's Basic Illustrated series. Lon's sideline business is home remodeling and he is bringing his whimsical imagination, appreciation for design, and understanding of construction into play  for Knack Treehouses.

Dan Wright is a professional treehouse builder. He has learned from some of the industry's pioneers and created Tree Top Builders.  Dan's specialty is kids treehouses and he constructs every tree house to the highest quality and safety standards.