Knack Piano for Everyone

A Step-By-Step Guide To Notes, Chords, And Playing Basics

Book Description

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Knack Piano for Everyone is a self-instruction book for beginners to intermediates, fully illustrated with full-color photographs and musical notation. The book will teach readers everything a beginner should know about the instrument itself—the parts, different kinds of pianos, care for pianos—and then provide the basics of reading piano music and playing. Download play-along audio tracks at

The book will include:

* An explanation of how the piano works.

* An exploration of the instrument, sitting correctly, playing all over the keyboard on

the black keys.

* Finding familiar tunes on the piano.

* Music notation, where it comes from, directions (up and down) on the keyboard and

on the music page.

Lessons will be geared toward achievable results for the reader without any prior knowledge of music, but also contain sidebars on various styles and techniques for the more advanced reader. By the end of the book, the reader will be able to play some basic songs, including some that will be provided in the Appendix.

About Martin, Margaret Ann

Margaret Ann Martin graduated with a Masters Degree in Piano from the Manhattan School of Music in New York City.  She has been teaching piano and composition at the Neighborhood Music School in New Haven for more than twenty years.